Working late the other evening, looking out at the garden greenery lit by my workshop lights, it occurred to me that I had closed a metaphorical circle. Twenty one years ago I had made the life and career changing decision to study silver smithing and jewellery design, and set up a tiny workbench in an existing teeny tiny shed in this same garden, in which to practise and hone my skills as I acquired them. It was all a very slow process. With three small children my daylight hours were full, so, after our evening meal, Daddy would take over the story reading and bedtime palaver and I'd disappear into my nook. Sometimes the palaver would involve a 'night night' visit in pyjamas, when they'd come trotting down the path to see me...happy days! By the time I came to take exams, and be assessed, even the youngest had started school and learned to write. I found a 'Good Luck Mummy' note in the bottom of a drawer in January when I moved. Now it's tucked up with my collection of precious stones!

So now it's 2017 in my new work home, and one of my first commissions, here, is to make wedding rings for my eldest nephew and his fiancée. My sister and I have always lived close to each other, and had our six children all in a rush in the same short period of time...this will be the first wedding!

Their wedding bands will symbolise the path they have chosen together. I'll be treading my familiar path, in the circle begun way back, but which turns out to be only one of many interlinking circles...I quite like making chains!

Through the window